Professional Projects

Want to work on a project for Microsoft? City of Athens? Institute for the Future? Mars? Google? Deloitte? In partnership with our parent company, International Connector, our youth network has worked with all of them and many, many more.

Our projects are virtual, flexible on timing, involve a global group of your peers and will teach you skills in remote working, collaboration and cultural understanding…not much down side is there?

Some of our projects require you to be accepted into our young innovators network. Applications for 2020 will open in December. However, we do have a list of upcoming opportunities that involve networking and peer-to-peer conversations. If you are not part of the young innovators network, you can express your interest on the form at the end of the page.

Upcoming Aug/Sept:

August 24 - Cultivating Authentic Collaboration - lead by young innovator Simon Dousset

August 31 - Future of Work interactive forum - young innovators only

September 7 - Your Big Year Course starts

September 13 - Applications close for October Your Big Year Courses

October 9 - Future of Women in Tech interactive study (focusing on Australasia)

October 18 - Applications close for October Your Big Year Courses

October 19 - Future of Work interactive forum - Young innovators only

Don’t forget to apply to be featured in our young innovators blog!!


Peer to Peer Collaboration Calls:

Do you have an idea or project that you would like to discuss? Or do you want to help your peers solve challenges and inspire each other. Well you have come to the right spot. Every month Young Innovator Simon Dousset host ‘CULTIVATING AUTHENTIC COLLABORATION’ where you co-create, build solutions and network with peers from across the globe. The next calls are being held on October 3 and October 4. Book your spot here!

Who should join this call ?

You should join if you…

  • Have a project you are working on.

  • An idea to share

  • Challenges you need help solving

  • Want to help other solve their challenges

  • Inspire others and want to be inspired


Youth Advisors for our Future of Women in Tech series in Australia!

We have 5 Advisor positions available for our Future of Women in Tech program running this October and November. The Future of Women in Tech program is a cross-industry collaboration looking at practical best practices to support women working in tech.


  • Approximately 5-7 hours, including 3 hours on October 9, 11 am - 2 pm( Sydney, Australian time)

  • Pre-populate the Interactive Board

  • Participate in an orientation call

  • Must have reliable access to internet connectivity while participating.

    *If you don't think you will be available during the time, please do not apply.


  • Meet peers globally and participate in community building activities

  • Access to Future of Work skill building trainings

  • Option to remain in our network of global young innovators and participate in other projects

  • Credential building for Resumes/Linkedin profiles

If you would like to participate, click ‘Future of Women in Tech Advisor’ in the form below.

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