Professional Projects

Want to work on a project for Microsoft? City of Athens? Institute for the Future? Mars? Google? Deloitte? In partnership with our parent company, International Connector, our youth network has worked with all of them and many, many more.

Our projects are virtual, flexible on timing, involve a global group of your peers and will teach you skills in remote working, collaboration and cultural understanding…not much down side is there?

Some of our projects require you to be accepted into our young innovators network. Applications for 2020 will open in December. However, we do have a list of upcoming opportunities that involve networking and peer-to-peer conversations. If you are not part of the young innovators network, you can express your interest on the form below.

Upcoming Aug/Sept:

August 24 - Cultivating Authentic Collaboration - lead by young innovator Simon Dousett

August 31 - Future of Work interactive study - young innovators only

September 7 - Your Big Year Course starts

September 13 - Applications close for October and November Your Big Year Courses

September 15 - Future of Women in Tech interactive study (focusing on Australasia)

Don’t forget to apply to be featured in our young innovators blog!!

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