Episode 8: Watch Now!


How can you make your mark in the world?

4 travelers WON 4 weeks to discover theirs. Watch their adventures.

Episode 8 - Go Further

I think Budapest is one of the greatest cities in the world and looking at the reason why, is because I meet people that were local and connected.
— Michael Thompson - Smaller Earth US Director

Episode 7 - Navigating Nashville

Going to that studio makes you realize how many artists are out there
— Jacquelyn Gardner at RCA Studio B

Episode 6: An Appetite for Exploration

“[Food]… is just the beginning of a conversation”

— Anthony Bourdain

Episode 5: Traveling with #NoRegrets

Everyone you meet and every experience you have has something to teach you.
— Go Abroad

Episode 4: Learning from the Lows

Remember that stress, homesickness and cultural shock are normal and temporary.
— Greenheart Travel

EPISODE 3: Growing Closer

Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t get a chance back home.
— World Nomads

EPISODE 2: My Big Year was

EPISODE 1: Meet The Travel Squad

It didn’t cross my mind that I could this professionally
— Paul Jefferson
A great opportunity to travel around the United States with the political divide we have.
— Sam Rios