The Your Big Year Interactive Course

Your Big Year was my eureka moment!
— Marcela, Colombia

Be empowered and discover what your next steps could be!

We are asked every day by youth globally how to have a ‘Big Year’ during our competition breaks - well, now you can have a big year too. Working with groups of our Your Big Year champions, we created an online interactive course that empowers you to discover what your next steps will be.

A “big year” is the moment that you start to explore, experience, discover and ultimately, find your path. Anyone can have a big year and we’re here to help you take your first steps. #MakeThisYourBigYear


(Deadline is October 18)

Puerto Rico 2020

Interactive Course

Puerto Rico 2020! Interactive Course + Experiential Trips Abroad


Courses are $100 (USD)
4 sessions with a YBY certified coach and small peer group.


4 collaborative virtual group sessions:

Our curriculum is derived from 21st-century skills: Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication. In a small and intimate group, discuss and discover your personal brand, your network, opportunities and your action plan.

  • Understanding of you

  • Understanding of your assets - i.e. where you can start your network

  • How to seek out new opportunities and what opportunities are available to you now!

  • How to build a professional profile online

  • How to build upon your network (as you will now have contacts from around the world)

  • Interview skills including written interview questions

  • How to create your action plan for your big year

  • Remote working skills

  • Access to a global network of your peers!

Session 1: Personal Brand -
This session is all about creating your Personal Brand. We break it down into 3 simple steps. Knowing you, positioning yourself and presenting yourself. You will leave this lesson with a personal brand, an elevator pitch and confidence to test it out in your everyday life. In the words of a past student, she advocates for how the course is “making us put some effort into our own development and being aware of who we are.''

Session 2: Relationship building vs networking -
The term networking can be a scary one, but in fact it is something you do everyday. You will leave this lesson with an understanding of your network and an understanding of mentorships, including what the role of a mentor is. You will dive into networking and the importance of relationship building. We guarantee you will be surprised on how big your network really is.”They are not the things we think about every day and it's good to pay attention to who is around us and how we can actually come to new connections.”

Session 3: Opportunities For You -
We believe that there are opportunities for everyone, but understanding where to find them can be difficult. Moreso, understanding what even the smallest opportunities can bring. You will come out of this session with an understanding of these. You will also learn about Informational interviews and how you can successfully have one with someone that inspires you. An informational interview is a meeting where you have a meeting with someone that inspires you or someone that you want to learn from. It is a method not used by many youth. In this session, you will be empowered to take action in having your own informational interview with someone that inspires you.

Session 4: Bringing your action plan together -
This is the ultimate lesson that ties it altogether. As a group, you summarize your experiences over the past 3 weeks. Through the lessons, discoveries and experiences, you will create your action plan on what comes next now that you have completed the course. This session will probably be 'the most valuable' for you, just as it was for our pilot students!

Available Course Dates:

The first step to discover your ‘big year’
is to take opportunities like this one!

I’ve gained a broader perspective about the world and gained the self-confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone.
— Crystal, Malaysia
YBY was a life-changing experience for me. I enjoyed meeting new inspiring friends from all over the world.
— Mahdi, Tunisia

Application process

  1. Submit application below by September 13, 2019 - we recommend you apply as soon as possible do to limited spaces available.

  2. A committee reviews applications on a regular basis and matches up groups.

  3. We will send an email confirming your placement in the program. Unfortunately, not everyone is accepted into this program. Please carefully consider your answers on the application below.

  4. Payment of $100 (US) confirms your spot in the program.

  5. Want to start today? You can begin thinking about your big year with our free kickstarter prep.

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