Your Big Year course - May

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Your Big Year course - May

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We offer a 4 week immersive learning course where you will be enduring 4 collaborative sessions.

Here is the topic for each session:

  1. Your Personal Brand.

  2. Relationship Building vs Networking

  3. How do you find opportunities?

  4. Pulling your action plan together

Each of these sessions will help set you discover your next steps to making your mark in the world.

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#MakeYourMark Course is here to empower you to discover how you will Make your mark in the world. You will go through 4 collaborative sessions where we will discuss and discover your personal brand, your network, opportunities and your action plan. Be empowered and become a 21st Century Leader by discovering your best self! After you complete the course, you will have the opportunity to be a part of our Young Innovators program, where you will network with youth worldwide.