If no one gives you an opportunity, then you have to create your own opportunity.
— Anderson Cooper, Journalist, CNN

Our program support youth as they take their first steps to discover themselves, find their direction and make an impact in the world. A “big year” is the moment that you start to explore, experience and discover and ultimately, find your path. We’re proud to see our youth go forward to speak on global stages, win exclusive fellowships, launch new businesses and travel the world.

Your Big Year is a youth empowerment and leadership program facilitated by International Connector. For over ten years, we have been working with 16-30 year olds worldwide and have had the privileged to work with passionate young people from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. In fact, we have worked with youth from 190 countries!


Anyone can have a big year
Anyone can #MakeTheirMark - big or small
We’re here to help you take your first steps

Meet Our Leadership Team


Marti Grimminck, Executive Producer: Click to hear her BIG YEAR!


Our signature event is the global competition in which 100,000+ youth have competed worldwide to win the coveted travel spots. We have had 4 Your Big Year adventures and 4 youth have won year-long journeys. Our adventures combine travel, professional development, volunteering, networking and learning. For each adventure, we partners with hundreds of corporations, leaders, founders, VCs including Google, Bloomberg, Virgin, Deloitte, HotelTonight, World Nomads, Sir Richard Branson, Actor Giancarlo Esposito, and Anderson Cooper.

Many of our Your Big Year Champions have gone on to speak on global stages, win coveted awards, fellowships and have raised seed money or grants for new initiatives. What everyone walks away with is a new global network, new skills and life-changing transformation.