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We believe that every youth can make an impact in the world. We can learn from professionals, but we can also learn from our peers worldwide. They are young leaders taking their very first steps. Learn from their tips, tricks, resources and advice!


“When I was 18 I could barely raise my hand up in class.”

- KarFei Cheah, Malaysia

“We’ve found that Indiegogo is the best site for artistic projects.”

- Carly, New York

“Don’t try to change the world overnight — it is a process. Do a little bit each day.”

- Kristina, South Africa


“You might see and think of child labor and out of school children issue as a thing of the past, but trust me it is not.”

- Shuaib, Nigeria

“Anything is possible despite the barriers present within [our] lives.”

- Queen, Tanzania

“Maybe start with fear, start with pain, start with hands shaking, start with doubt, start with voice trembling, but start. Start and don’t stop.”

- Prescilla Awino, Kenya

“Instead of sabotaging each other, help each other”

- Ivan Silva Prado, Brazil

“People provide the greatest insight into what we need to do to accomplish any hurdles that arise.”

- Ryan Hevern, Taiwan

“Not all are created equal. Education can change that.”

- Phyo Htay, Vietnam

Promoting confidence through fashion

“Whatever you do, make sure it’s what you want.”

- Ana Lacerdo, Brazil

“Being able to participate in social events is a key to success.”

- Samar Baba, Tunisia

“Successful innovation often presents to the world a fancy final product, but there is a lot more hidden in the background.”

- JiWon Yoon, New Zealand

“We teach girls that they have the power to take charge of their own lives and achieve their girls.”

- Brynn Macdougall, Pennsylvania, USA

“It’s going to be a tough journey, but stick to it.”

- Sakia Haque, Bangladesh

“I get two questions everywhere I go, and they are always pertaining to my home state.”

- Ryan Hevern, Taiwan / California, USA

“Do not reinvent the wheel - make it spin.”

- Alpha Sennon, Trinadad & Tobego

For any activity you do, it’s good to identify a potential ROI you might get from it.”

- Shravan Shankar, India

“People in our network are the most precious resource we have.”

- Marcela Milano, Brazil

“One year ago, I took a big leap, a 10,000 mile leap.”

- Sara Becker, California, USA

“I wanted to create a space that generated newer ideas in history…”

- Moon Moon Jetley, India

“If you really believe in what you are doing, it will work out.”

- Isabella Pedreira, Brazil

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“Your Big Year changed my life.”

- Marc Kirst, Brazil


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