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Sam is from Puerto Rico and is 19 years old. 

Sam's passion is filmmaking and photography, and is currently studying Business Administration.

When we asked him how he feels to offcially be a traveler he said: 

"I can’t even figure out how to put my emotions into words! I still can’t believe it, it's a blessing for me."

His YBY quote:

"My big year would give me the opportunity to travel to places I’ve never been and show me new experiences that life has to offer. From seeing earths wonders to doing exciting activities, I can guarantee that it would change my life forever."



Jacquelyn Gardner


Jacquelyn is from Kalida, Ohio and is 21 years old. She also studies Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Her Passion "is to be happy and make others around me happy."

How Jacquelyn feels to be a traveler?

"I am extremely excited, if my excitement was measured on a scale 1-10 it'd be well over 100."

Jacquelyn's YBY Quote:

"Majority of society is enthralled in day to day social constructs of acquiring materialistic goals and acceptance of others. I want to focus more of myself by broadening my horizons and expanding my view of how to live my life to the fullest extent in my pursuit for happiness. I plan on accomplishing these goals though traveling and meeting new people by pushing myself to open my mind to new experiences and ways of thinking. I would like to be involved in Your Big Year to be a better person than I was yesterday."

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Auli'i Pualilia Teson

Auli'i is 20 years old and is from Kapolei, Hawaii. Currently, Auli'i is a skincare consultant while saving up for college!

Her Passion?

"is words. Whether they're spoken or written, heard or sung. It's a way to express yourself and it's a way to promote and further understanding. Not only of other topics but of each other. Non of us would be anywhere without them."

Auli'i is... 

"SO excited to one of the travelers! I feel so incredibly blessed and excited for this opportunity. Traveling is, to me, a more fun way to learn. 

Auli'i's YBY Quote: "

I am a risk taker, a go getter, and all I’ve ever wanted to do was make a difference. I’m a dreamer and an innovator and Your Big Year is an opportunity that could let me be myself and find new ways to help others."

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Shilpa Bhandari

Shilpa is 19 years old, is currently a student in Youngstown Ohio, and is from Nepal! 

When asked what her passion is, she stated:  

"I am passionate about experimenting with life."

How does it feel to officially be a traveler? 

"I can't express how excited I am in words. I have been dancing every time I am free."

Shilpa's YBY Quote was:

"I have realized that traveling is more about the people you meet on your journey rather than the places you go to. For me, my big year would be the year I get to travel excessively and meet people whom I am connected yet disconnected to because of the mother Earth <3."

  Andrew Hallenberg&nbsp; "The Filmmaker"

Andrew Hallenberg  "The Filmmaker"

  Rachel Head "Tour Manager"

Rachel Head "Tour Manager"



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