My Big Year Was…

We ask people all over the place “what their big year was that inspired where they are today?” It’s fascinating to learn about the journeys they have taken. In fact, we are always inspired by them. Here are some of our favorites from the last Your Big Year Adventure across the USA!


Try new thing, don’t be afraid to fail. Failures okay, just pick yourself up.
— Uncle Herb

It was a big year because I learned that it was not what I wanted to do.
— Ranger Max

It was when I had my AHA moment that this tour business was what I was born to do.
— Kelly Gibson, Tours of Tulsa

It showed me that you can have a wonderful experience if you jump in feet first and don’t have any expectations
— Greenheart Travel Team

In that year, I traveled quite a bit and spent a lot of time by myself, trying to figure out who I am as a person and I am much happier now.
— Katie