If no one gives you an opportunity, then you have to create your own opportunity.
— Anderson Cooper, CNN Journalist

Your Big Year is a launch pad for youth.  
We provide opportunities to connect with peers globally and
to travel, learn and explore the world.  
We set youth on a path of self-awareness and growth. 




Our Values

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Our History

Your Big Year started as a global travel competition. Over the three runs, it developed into an innovation/entrepreneurship platform launching diverse youth from all backgrounds.  During the runs, the program received masses of awareness and interest:

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Our Supporters

Nothing is ever done without great support, which involved over 50+ partners to the program including the following:

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Our Youth

Due to the direct support and opportunities developed through the Your Big Year journey, our youth have gone on to be awarded with exclusive scholarships, mentorships, fellowships and are frequently seen speaking on world stages.  Meet some of the Your Big Year Champions:

Your Big Year was a magical moment for me. It really demonstrated to me how youth from around the world are not given enough access to opportunities, to further develop their knowledge and skills so as to improve their country and the world. And that experience and all the people I had the fortune of meeting, is honestly what pushes me to continue on this path. Thank you for believing in the shy girl, who may not have expressed enough through words, but is expressing with her heart from now on.
— Karyssa Zavala, Texas, Your Big Year Champion

Our Leadership Team