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This July, we are taking 4 travelers for 4 weeks on the road in the USA for an incredible
life-changing adventure - and guess what?  We're covering the travel costs -accommodation, transportation, meals, activities (specifics in the FAQs and Terms & Conditions).

We'll meet business leaders, dive into social challenges, enjoy incredible music, hike in a national park, try new cuisines, meet locals everywhere and film the whole thing for social media.  Although, our applications are now closed, join us on social media to win new opportunities while we spend 4 weeks to explore, experience and discover.

Trip Map.png

Our journey will travel leave on July 8 from Chicago.  Then onward to visit our partners in St. Louis - Nashville - Huntsville - Birmingham - Memphis - Tulsa - Austin - El Paso - New Mexico - through a National Park - and onward to Denver... finishing August 3. 

Through Your Big Year, I got to meet and to be inspired by people my age from corners of the global I never thought of. Your Big Year opened my world.
— Ryan Hevern (YBY Champion)