Our free program takes you through easy to do fun activities to help you build your ideas, your contacts, your experience.  We work with innovation and social impact leaders in
San Francisco to craft ideas and to open up opportunities to connect with them.   Most of these opportunities are competition based and we will send you information on how to enter.  

Each month, we will send you exercises or projects, inspiration, roll models and program reviews. Our content is built from youths who have already had a big year, making this a peer to peer platform.  

  • YBY is a first stop for young, ambitious youth from any background, from any country.
  • Participants do not need previous credentials as they prove their talent through action oriented tasks.
  • Everyone who participates gains an active, supportive global network of peers to encourage them.
  • YBY is a journey that helps youth define their skills, their goals and it is the catalyst to turn their ideas into professional opportunities.


YBY Champions

Want to learn how Your Big Year has directly impacted other youth?  Meet some of our alumni and mentors.

Your Big Year was a magical moment for me. It really demonstrated to me how youth from around the world are not given enough access to opportunities, to further develop their knowledge and skills so as to improve their country and the world. And that experience and all the people I had the fortune of meeting, is honestly what pushes me to continue on this path. Thank you for believing in the shy girl, who may not have expressed enough through words, but is expressing with her heart from now on.
— Karyssa Zavala, USA, YBY Champion
Karyssa Zavala, USA, YBY Champion on a break from her job in Washington DC

Karyssa Zavala, USA, YBY Champion on a break from her job in Washington DC