Let your ideas take the stage!

My name is Kiran - I'm a community builder from Auckland, New Zealand. I love connecting people, bringing people together, and creative ideas to make the world more awesome. 

One of the things that recently has fascinated me, is the idea of creative side projects or passion projects and where that plays a role in people's lives. There's this notion that people are generally unfulfilled or unengaged by their work, and that doing work that you love is this idyllic, unrealistic life goal or mission. 

I believe people have dreams & ideas that they've buried, or have used the excuse that they don't have enough time or money to start or even think of starting something.  But above all that I generally think people want to do stuff that they love, find time, and see life living passionately not as an unrealistic reality, but a very plausible and forseeable one. 

So I thought what if I gave people a stage, to share their dreams, idea or passions and have an audience of people who loving hearing ideas, seeing ideas come to reality, help them out make it happen. So introducing... Idea Show & Tell - a collaborative event where 5 speakers share their passion projects to an audience who help give input, ideas and suggestions to make their passion project more awesome. 

So far, I've run 4 in Auckland - and had an average of 40 people come to each event, with 5 speakers at each event. It's been extraordinary. Connections I never thought could be made were made. One of the things, that I thought to add in this type of event, was an open space, so after the 5 speakers, there was time for anyone in the audience to stand up and share their idea. 

That's usually where the magic happens. Last week in Idea Show & Tell #4 - someone was recounting how they loved the one for one model, where a consumer buys a product and the company gives that same product to someone in need. He wanted to combine his interest in that model, and a passion for sushi together to explore if he could accomplish a one-for-one sushi shop. Unfortunately, the crowd though were receptive & amused - didn't seem to have any strong leads for any potential helpers. Though right before this person left at the end of the event, someone tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hey, my sister runs a sushi shop, I'm sure she'd be keen to talk to you about your idea!" - He turned in amazement, and enthusiastically agreed. 

I lose about $50 each event, as I serve pizza, give feedback cards to each audience member, pens & drinks. But, I am compensated with the stories of connections being made at Idea Show & Tell. Just recently an Audience member and a Speaker just moved into a flat together. Even crazier than that, I'm now living with them.

So moral of the story, community is awesome.

Embrace the idea of serendipity.

Go to events, meet people.

Stand up and share your ideas - because you never know who you might be talking to.

- Kiran Patel